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Guiding men to overcome the challenges of spiritual, relational, and sexual brokenness.

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Repeated failures in your relationships
are holding you back.

Relationship with God

Grace is enough for others, but not for you. How could God love you with all the choices you have made? You need a way to move forward but not sure how. You feel stuck.

Relationship with Yourself

You don't deserve to be loved. That is what you think. You sabotage good things in your life because you feel unworthy. You don't know how to love yourself. You feel desperate.

Relationship with Others

You think you know yourself better than anyone else. You have secrets and you wear a mask. You believe if people knew the real you they would reject you. You feel scared.
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Sometimes we just
need someone to talk to.

Someone who listens

No judging, just someone who is safe that will listen. Finally a place you can let it all out, one conversation at a time.

Someone who has been there

I know how you feel because I have sat where you sit. You begin to feel understood and hope is being restored.

Someone who walks with you

Over time loneliness fades away and connection and freedom take its place. You feel known, embraced, and accepted.
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What is a Seasoned Conversation?
A Conversation that...

Who do I help?
Men That I Serve...

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Nothing is more isolating than ministry. And how can anyone be constantly “on fire” and ready with the right response to every situation? The needs just keep coming and coming. Burn out is a real thing that can lead to even more serious problems. Time to get help now.

Sexual Brokenness

A million failures followed by a million commitments to do better. And what if anybody knew? Isolation only makes things worse. Honesty heals! Secrecy kills! Hope and freedom are definite possibilities. God loves you just the way you are, and thankfully, He won't leave you there.

Family Relationships

She won't talk to me about it. I'm constantly at war with my kids. My parents are considering divorce after 45 years of marriage. I NEED HELP! A life coach can help you get a clearer, more objective perspective on your marriage and family dynamics in order to help you see a way forward.

Work Relationships

My boss is a narcissist. I'm being bullied by one of my coworkers. I want to be a good Christian influencer in the workplace…but how? Let's talk!

Thought Life

Where did that thought come from? Why do I lie awake at night imagining horrible things I want to say to my boss, coworker or family member? Why am I constantly rehashing past hurts in my mind? I need some relief.

Emotional Health

Living the dream one day. Ready to give up the next. Feeling good about myself one day. Feeling like the biggest failure the next. And sometimes I overreact to both good opportunities and failures. I need some emotional stability in my life.

Relationship with God

I've always been a Christian, but lately, I've found myself wondering if He even exists at all. What do I do with this cognitive dissonance between what I believe and my recent personal experiences? (Do I even believe these sermons I've been preaching?... these Bible studies I've been leading?) I need some answers fast!

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Kirk Bullington
A little about me…

Kirk Bullington
About Me (Kirk Bullington)… Over 40 years of experience working in full-time Christian ministry
  • I am married, with three amazing children, and living in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • I enjoy writing and publishing music.
  • When not conversing with clients, you can find me on the slopes skiing, hiking, and traveling with my family.
About Seasoned Conversations… I know that you want to be a free and hopeful man. In order to do that, you need clarity and direction. The problem is repeated failures in your relationships with God, yourself, and others is holding you back. I believe men should have a safe place to share their struggles. I understand your journey, which is why I became a certified christian life coach with over 40 years of seasoned ministry experience helping hundreds of Christian men just like you.
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